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World's Greatest Head Massage 8 (Extended Version - Nomad Barber)


This video is the extended version of Baba the barber and his World's greatest head massage. People love his cosmic energy and effort he puts into his massages.

Nomad Barber is a web-series following Miguel Gutierrez discover barbering around the world. We also have tutorials and Vlogs all about men's grooming, travel and lifestyle.

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The Perfect Barber Shave -

Amazing Barber Shave Massage -\u0026t=520s
Please check out Baba the cosmic barber and his famous world's greatest head massage here

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ASMR Turkish Barber By Münür Önkan Head,Face,Body,Back,Neck and Arm Massage

Hey guys. Here is a new asmr massage video by Master Münür Önkan. We did lots of great videos with him so dont worry we have more:) This video includes great work of Münür Önkan on facial care, head massage, face massage and cleaning, hand massage, neck massage, shoulder massage, arm massage and back massage. Münür Önkan is a barber with a lot of success. He is national barber team captain. He has 1st degree in Turkey as person and with national team. He has European Championship award as Barber. He is a trainer and grower for young barbers. He is also working on Turkish Barber Federation as supervisory board president. He is also a licensed chiropractic. Hair and skin care specialist. With all that success. You will see one of the perfect example of traditional turkish barber massage. I hope that you guys would love his skills. Tell us your opinion in comment section.

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Münür Önkan Ankara Berberler Odası Denetim Kurulu Başkanı olup Türkiye Milli Takım Kaptanlığı'nı yapmaktadır. Bireysel ve takım halinde Avrupa şampiyonluğu ve bununla beraber Türkiye şampiyonluğu bulunmaktadır. En iyi Best Ödülleri'nde 2018-2019-2020 yıllarında En iyi Kuaför Seçilmiştir. Mesleki yeterlilik değerlendiricisi olmakla beraber, çırak eğitim merkezlerinde saç kesim tekniği eğitmenliği yapmaktadır. Kayropraktik uzmanlığı, cilt ve saç bakımı uzmanlıkları bulunmaktadır. Genel adres bilgileri aşağıda mevcuttur. Kendisini ziyaret etmeden önce lütfen randevu alınız.
Münür Abi'nin Kanalı için @ASMR Münür Önkan
Address/Adres:Emek Mah. 12. Cad No:16/B Münür Erkek Kuaförü. Çankaya Ankara. (Emek Camii Yanı)
Tel: +90535 968 76 36 +90313 223 10 86 Münür Önkan

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