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Ist das euer ERNST? WISH DSLR für 26€ statt 268€

Einfach nur witzig. Heute testen wir mal eine Kartoffel-Cam :D LOL
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Mit diesem Code, bei Wish bis zu 50% sparen: MCBHDCS

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Wenn Du mich unterstützen und von mir in Zukunft mehr sehen möchtest, dann sei bitte so nett und kaufe über diese Links ein. Du würdest mir und mein Hobby damit etwas unter die Arme greifen und den betriebenen Kostenaufwand ein wenig abdecken. Die Preise im Shop sind trotzdem die gleichen!! Vielen Dank für Deine Unterstützung!

David Cray
Hochzeitsfotograf \u0026 Filmmaker |

David Cray - Fotografie ist Magie! : Neues Video neues Intro Na wer hat auch schonmal bei Wish bestellt und war danach total sprachlos? Viel Spaß beim Anschauen.
Claudia Linßner : Mega tolles neues Intro das Video ist sehr toll geworden! Meine Nähmaschine geht immernoch
Holger Metallico : Mein erstes Handy mit Kamera war mal vor etwa 15 Jahren ein Motorola W377 mit 0,3 Megapixel. Die Bilder davon mit diesem alten Knochen waren besser, als die im Video. KRASS!
maydenpuschel : Eijeijei....ich hab auch schon was bei Wish bestellt....einfach um zu wissen wie das dann am Ende aussieht....das war unterirdisch schlecht das ganze....das der Shop so noch verkaufen kann....das ist bis auf vielleicht miniwinzige Ausnahmen alles billig produziert. Ich hatte drei Dinge bestellt die dann auch noch nach Wochen net ankamen und ich schon dachte das kommt nie an....dann alles einzeln und jedes mit Versandkosten einzeln....und nach ner Woche dahin geschieden...lange Lieferdauer, kurze Lebendauer.... Zum Glück hatte es wirklich nicht viel gekostet....das man da net hinterher weint
#heikobo : geht das Ding aufzuschrauben ? Wäre spannend was da drin is .Vielleicht schwimmt das Ding ja auch im Wasser . Aber schade um die teuren Akkus

Shooting a deadly 268-Year-Old Cannon

We are Springfield Arsenal LLC. Visit our webstore: \r
Please visit: then...\r
This is an abbreviated version of's previous video "Firing the Mystery Weapon." It was made by popular request for people with limited time and/or slow download speeds.
cannonmn : So take one of your mint condition firearms and use steel wool to scrub off all or most of the blueing. That's what polishing a nicely-patinated bronze cannon does, same kind of thing.
cannonmn : It is a valuable antique. Polishing it would cut whatever its value is in half.
XxTitusxX : Wouldn't firing it cut the value as well?
cannonmn : We bought them mostly from other collectors.
Bart Logan : That's a lot of smoke! I'm assuming you are using black powder with this?

Hands on with the QHY268M Astro Camera - First Light Testing!

I get one shot, one opportunity to use the new QHY268M astronomy camera as the skies clear properly for the first time in months, for one night only. His palms are sweaty, mom's spaghetti, he's nervous. He opens his mount but the dome won't go round ...

Thanks to BINTEL AU/NZ

Use coupon code QHYNOT for 5% off any QHY Camera - limited to first five people who use the coupon!

*Correction.. my brain said "sodium" in the narrowband.. it's obviously SULPHUR

Support my alcoholism by getting some Star Stuff stuff:

Dylan's Telescopes, Cameras \u0026 Equipment

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Celestron CGX Mount

Celestron RASA F2 11" Telescope

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ZWO ASI 174MM and Filters


Celestron 0.7x reducer for 11" Edge HD

Celestron 0.7x reducer for 9.25” Edge HD

Celestron 9.25” Edge HD

Canon 6D mkII DSLR

Tokina 16-28mm Lens

Dylan’s links

Intro Music - "Moving the Ocean (Aerologic Edit)" by Blastculture.

TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music
Track ICU Futurescape :
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**This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not.**

You’re free to use this song in any of your YouTube/Instagram videos, but you must include the following information and artist credits within your video description box (Copy \u0026 Paste the below artist attribution/ music credits.)

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Nadir Teymurov : You don't need to cool this camera down too low because dark current of the sensor is already much, much lower that any CCD. Just -5C or even 0 degrees is enough
Jerry McCaleb : Not being familiar with the discussion on Cloudy Nights, I can only say that I appreciate the videos you produce and distribute and that is why I subscribe. I'm open to subscribing to a visual astronomer's product but there's a severe lack of producers of those products.
In summary, the world seems to be in turmoil when anyone expresses that differs from one's own...the current phase of our "culture ". My sincere hope is that you not bow and will continue to express your opinions boldly and your audience can decide to agree or disagree with what you have said.
BTW, that is a sporty new rig and I look forward to seeing you put it through the challenges and show us what you come up videos preferably versus lectures of what you observe.
Dennis Ruzeski : Nice to see the new rig dialed in and that camera looks amazing! Good luck with the clear skies. We're blanketed in clouds almost constantly lately. As far as NINA goes- I like it. I was using APT for a long time and I also like that. I bought SGP and set it up but never actually took images with it. I think I will be moving over to NINA for most of my imaging but I'm also playing with Astroberry, which I like a lot! Couple glitches I need to work through but it is a really viable replacement for Windows (my end goal in all things...)
George Umber : I bought the ZWO ASI2600C as the fittings to the telescope worked easily. I decided against the QHY version because I could not purchase the right fittings as they were not available in Australia. The camera is fantastic and reduces capture time. It make capturing and processing a real pleasure.
endless-sky : Nice video, as usual! I have been shooting for about a year with my astromodified D5300. Now I am saving up for an APS-C mono dedicated astrocamera and after watching this video I am really undecided between the ZWO ASI 2600MM Pro and the QHY 268M. I'll really have to research all the differences, pros and cons of each.

Regarding CN and the thread, and since we are in a musical mood:

I am beautiful no matter what they say

Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down, oh no
So don't you bring me down today

Keep up the great work and don't mind the haters! :-)




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